3.4 Update Log
3.4 Update Log 1.01
  • There will be an updated Auto bot feature within the Elite Dungeons. Currently, running Auto does not include the random PVP encounter feature after completing a Dungeon. After the update, the PVP encounters will be implemented and you will have the option to All-out during each encounter. All-Out provides an extra Stat boost to your team at the cost of 20 runes.

3.4 Update Log 1.02
There will be a new Hero introduced that will be on par with Elder Sister and Cannon Lady. Her name is "Shinnosuke" translated from Chinese server, but new name is Feral Druid Helper. She is considered one of the best tanks in the game now due to her Passive Skills.
  • Class = Knight
  • Max HP = 36525
  • Max ATK = 11347
  • Max Leadership = 34
  • Max LVL = 90
  • 3 New synergies - Strong Partner, Survival Guide, Reinforcements.
  • Normal Skill = Heal
  • Passive skills = Small MDEF and DEF, Medium +Heal and +Toughness
  • Initiative Skill = Light Asylum - Grants a buff to the highest HP member to your team that when if that member is struck, your team is healed -% of the amount of damage taken.
  • Obtained through Universal Pieces like Cannon Lady
3.4 Update Log 1.03
Manually reviving heroes between rounds for Gold is no longer a part of the interface. If you pass the round and have dead heroes, they will now be automatically revived without the cost of Gold.
3.4 Update Log 1.04
New feature within the Guild -Guild Tech

Guild Tech generates a small buff for members of that guild by purchasing with Guild Reputation, each level of a Guild Tech Bonus will have higher requirements but a higher bonus.

The new buffs will be Natural Sentiment - Increases EXP, and Alchemy Frenzy - Increase Gold. This can only be leveled by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Guildtech1 Guildtech2

3.4 Update Log 1.05
Location Based Services (LBS)

This new feature can help you find your allies nearby, and then chat or even ask for a duel with him/her.

I'm pretty sure you wont be able to get street by street directions, looks like its only a broad view of the area without details. It would be extremely difficult to actually locate a person playing Epic Heroes.

3.4 Update Log 1.06
Here are a few new 3.4v features
  • Outer Temple (Upper) will be added to guild dungeons
  • New pictures and names on some Heroes and Dungeons
  • Change of Passive and Initiative Skill descriptions
  • Exclusive Leader Skill on Feral Druid Helper
  • New Dungeons - Botanical Gardens, Hero's Trial, and Crow Hall
  • Nicknames for Friends
  • Up to 20 Messages can be stored in the Mail Inbox system
  • New Daily Tasks and Rewards
  • Change of Leader Skill interface, switching skills is done by selecting Leader and before dungeon entrance
  • Replacement of Common or Uncommon Protagonists at the cost of Gold. No more Suicide Formations!
  • 2 Daily World Bosses
  • Minor Interface changes
  • New Synergies and some changes to old synergies!
  • Able to Sell Equipment for Justice Badges
  • Guild Chat System
  • Bonus EXP and Coins are now displayed in Green color on completion screen
  • New Equipment to Synthesize and New Materials
  • New Event Dungeons! - Four Shadows Event, Skill Tutor Event, Hero's Trial