The Superior (Uncommon) Tome Set is used to evolve a 4 star normal to an elite card.

Superior Tome Volume 1

The Depths Elite Captain Kookie
Thornfen Downs Elite Ice King
Beaten Path Elite Kraak'thar
Cathedral Elite Skelgron
Dark Entrance Elite The Controller
Psychic Elite Blood Golem
Phoenix Valley Elite Ambassador Fellgab
Dusk Town Elite The Unscarred
Lava Lake Elite Transientus
Broken Fortress Elite Shattered Hand Chase
Wizards Balcony Elite Dark Dreams

Superior Tome Volume 2

The Red Bucktooth Elite Arugel
Ghost Tracks Elite Ancient Giant
Beaten Path Elite Ironoak
Dark Crag Elite Molten Giant
Dark Entrance Elite Wolf Matriarch
Psychic Elite Mentor Jeanine
Phoenix Valley Elite Musso
Mausoleum Elite Nexus Prince
The Dark Hold Elite Wrath of Captain
Broken Fortress Elite Blood Guard Roar
Energizar Elite Saranisa

Superior Tome Volume 3

The Garden Elite Sharpside
Sandstone Elite Hydra
Beaten Path Elite The Shapeshifter
Dark Crag Elite Bartender
Dark Entrance Elite The Enslaver
Dark Dungeons Elite Jaokh
Phoenix Valley Elite The Inciter
Mausoleum Elite Chaoticus
The Dark Hold Elite Deadly Drake
Broken Fortress Elite Brute Hall
Energizar Elite Botanist

Superior Tome Volume 4

Throne Room Elite Throne Room Commanders
Cave of the Vicious Elite Malador Princess
Cathedral Elite Dreamweaver
Dark Entrance Elite Overlord Omnork
Seturmoen Elite Annaristia One
Dark Dungeons Elite Flame Guards
Dead Cavern Elite Mara Doyle
Mausoleum Elite Kruvarok
The Energy Fortress Elite Mechanical Battle
Slave Stalls Elite Betrayer Raid
Energizar Elite Rhiz

Superior Tome Volume 5

Throne Room Elite Throne Room Commanders
Beaten Path Elite Latheantis
Cathedral Elite Dreadscythe
Dark Entrance Elite Kruos Fang
Seturmoen Elite The Pale One
Dark Dungeons Elite The Beast
Dusk Town Elite Overseer
Lava Lake Elite Araonus
The Energy Fortress Elite Psychic Territory
Slave Stalls Elite Snapping Martha
Energizar Elite Caretaker

See Also: Protectors Set, Conquerors Set, Rare Weapons, Uncommon Tomes, or Epic Jewelry

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