Thief (R)


Thief (R) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 5,459 Max Level: 60
ATK: 3,980 Leadership: 11
Rarity: Rare
Class: Rogue
Normal Skill: Attack
Initiative Skill: Backstab
Passive Skill: Journeyman Combat Talent
Silent Gladiator Rare
Rogue Raid Rare
Endless Gossip Rare
Frontline Assault Rare
Surprisingly strong, doesn't matter if its PVP or PVE is quite skilled at both.


Evolution Line
Thief (UC)
Thief (R)
Thief+ (R)
Thief+1 (R)
Thief+2 (R)
Thief+3 (R)
Thief (EP)
Thief+ (EP)
Thief+1 (EP)
Thief+2 (EP)
Thief+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Thief (UC) Card Plus Conquerors helmet Conquerors armor Conquerors waistguard Conquerors gloves Conquerors boots

Initiative Skill Food
Razorsnout Card Wolf Lord Nanris Card Van Cleeve Card Rampaging Boar Card

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