Shaman (R)


Shaman (R) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 6,308 Max Level: 60
ATK: 3,636 Leadership: 11
Rarity: Rare
Class: Shaman
Normal Skill: Lightning Bolt
Initiative Skill: Chain Lightning
Passive Skill: Journeyman Elemental Talent
Sisters Rare
Surging Elements Rare
Dynamic Duo Rare
First Comrades Rare
Back to Where? Rare
She's a powerful little taurus, is always right, unable to put up with something she's doesn't like, she has a crush on MT, but he hasn't noticed


Evolution Line
Shaman (C)
Shaman (UC)
Shaman (R)
Shaman+ (R)
Shaman+1 (R)
Shaman+2 (R)
Shaman+3 (R)
Shaman (EP)
Shaman+ (EP)
Shaman+1 (EP)
Shaman+2 (EP)
Shaman+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Shaman (UC) Card Plus Conquerors helmet Conquerors armor Conquerors waistguard Conquerors gloves Conquerors boots

Initiative Skill Food
Shredder Foreman Card Ant King Card Warlord Card Atalarion Card

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