The Epic Heroes Wikia is run by many non-profit members who dedicate their time in making this wiki better. Many users don't know the roles and abilities these staff members have, which can be a problem. Here's a list of their responsibilities and capabilities.

Bureaucrats - The highest responsibilities goes to these staff members. They have total control of the wiki and should be extremely active. They manage everything from updating important parts of the wiki to promoting new staff members.

- [Active] Karniv04

Admins - One step below a Bureaucrat, but has almost the same amount of responsibilities and wiki management options. Tends to join the community much more often than the Bureaucrats as Admins have more time. These are generally the staff members you want to see if you want something sorted or helped with.

- [Active] Secao7 Bruno

- [Active] Ainrexik

- [Active] DoAEnvy

Wiki Moderators - Quite a few steps below Administrator, can't promote people and doesn't have a lot of responsibilities.

- [Active] SheikhMT

- [Active] Dragna

Chat Moderators - Exactly what they do; they moderate the chat and keep things in order on a "weak" scale. Only has abilities to kick and ban users from the chat.

You can play your part too. If you find incorrect stats on a page, or if you find someone repeatedly vandalizing a page etc. etc. contact one of the people above