Rare Weapon Sets are use to evolve a card from 3 star normal to 3 star elite.

Cruicifix Dagger

Howling Cave Elite Giant Turtle
Howling Cave Elite Mutalibus
The Red Bucktooth Elite Fenrisgore
The Garden Elite The Deadspeaker
Throne Room Elite Blood Mage
Thornfen Downs Elite Razorsnout
Sandstone Elite Warlord
Cave of the Vicious Elite Rotten Elemental
Beaten Path Elite Overlord Gorgokk

Enchanted Thorn

Howling Cave Elite Pythean
The Depths Elite Ogre Foreman
The Red Bucktooth Elite Baron Goldlaine
The Garden Elite Goolug
Throne Room Elite Cyclone
Ghost Tracks Elite Ruganosh
Sandstone Elite Witch Doctor
Cave of the Vicious Elite Ice Giant
Cathedral Elite Atalarion

Eagle Crossbow

Howling Cave Elite Serpenton
The Depths Elite Shredder Foreman
The Red Bucktooth Elite Commander
The Garden Elite Rampaging Boar
Thornfen Downs Elite Ant King
Ghost Tracks Elite Ghulock
Sandstone Elite Troll Warchief
Cave of the Vicious Elite Goblin Tinker
Cathedral Elite The Prophet

Fang Spear

Howling Cave Elite Cobras
The Depths Elite Mr. Punch
The Red Bucktooth Elite Lord Weird
Throne Room Elite The Houndmaster
Thornfen Downs Elite Flame-Eye Skeleton
Ghost Tracks Elite Female Giant
Sandstone Elite Liquimancer
Beaten Path Elite Thorim Spikehoof
Dark Crag Elite Geador

Iron Sword

Howling Cave Elite The Immortal
The Depths Elite Brotherhood
The Red Bucktooth Elite Wolf Lord Nanris
Throne Room Elite Arcane Mage
Thornfen Downs Elite Gluttonous
Ghost Tracks Elite Thalgim
Cave of the Vicious Elite Thorn Slasher
Beaten Path Elite The Stomper

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