The More Button brings you to a page with 4 tabs. They are as follows:
  • Menu - Will explain this here further down.
  • Help - This info is on the Help page.
  • Support - This allows you to contact Locojoy's Customer Support. it's easier just to go to though
  • Settings - Here you can turn Music and Sound on/off as you wish. Bind your account and log out of your account.
Now, back to the "Menu" tab on this page. Currently there are 5 useful buttons to choose aside from the others.
  1. Invite Friends - Here is where you can collect your Blood Elf Mage rewards from having friends use your game ID and leveling. Also, by clicking My ID on this page you will see your game ID #
Invite Reward
  1. Gallery - This shows you all the cards you have seen in game. As of now the total cards is at 664. If a picture here has a "?" in it, that means you have not seen that card yet.
  2. Change Nickname - You are able to Change your in game name at the cost of 500 Runes.
  3. Fight Video - Here you can watch any dungeon battle that you previously saved. You can save up to 100 videos for future enjoyment. Also can delete any videos that you no longer want saved here.
  4. Exchange Gift Bag - This is where you input any "Gift Code" that you ever receive.
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