Mage+ (EP)


Mage+ (EP) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 12,355 Max Level: 75
ATK: 9,928 Leadership: 22
Rarity: Epic
Class: Mage
Normal Skill: Icebolt
Initiative Skill: Ice Cone+
Passive Skill: Artisan Frost Talent
Seventh Heaven Epic
Horde Minion Epic
The type that doesn't offend people and doesn't get offended by people, always in the right position at the right time.


Evolution Line
Mage (C)
Mage (UC)
Mage (R)
Mage+ (R)
Mage+1 (R)
Mage+2 (R)
Mage+3 (R)
Mage (EP)
Mage+ (EP)
Mage+1 (EP)
Mage+2 (EP)
Mage+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Mage (EP) Card Plus Epic1 Epic2 Epic3 Epic4 Epic5

Initiative Skill Food
Rotten Elemental+ Card

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