Initiative Food
Here you can find popular Initiative skill food cards and locations for quick reference.
Advanced Behead Rightarrow Bloodguard Kue+ Card
Broken Fortress
Advanced Bleed Rightarrow Wolf Matriarch+ Card Adv. Botanist+ Card
Dark Entrance Energizar
Advanced Light Asylum Rightarrow Jaokh+ Card Saranisa+ Card
Dark Dungeons Energizar
Advanced Polymorph Rightarrow Evermancer+ Card
The Energy Fortress
Advanced Revive Rightarrow Machine Lord+ Card
The Energy Fortress
Aiming Shot+ Rightarrow The Houndmaster+ Card
Throne Room & Skill Tutor
Arcane Explosion+ Rightarrow Arcane Mage+ Card
Throne Room
Backstab+ Rightarrow Rampaging Boar+ Card Razorsnout+ Card Van Cleeve+ Card Wolf Lord Nanris+ Card
The Garden Skill Tutor & Thornfen Downs The Depths The Red Bucktooth
Barrage+ Rightarrow Serpenton+ Card Thalgim+ Card Thorn Slasher+ Card
Howling Cave Ghost Tracks Cave of the Vicious & Skill Tutor
Blizzard+ Rightarrow Blood Mage+ Card Liquimancer+ Card
Throne Room Sandstone
Chain Lightning+ Rightarrow Ant King+ Card Atalarion+ Card Shredder Foreman+ Card Warlord+ Card
Thornfen Downs Cathedral The Depths Sandstone
Crusader Strike+ Rightarrow The Archbishop+ Card Captain Slayn+ Card
Dead Cavern The Dark Hold
Flame Nova+ Rightarrow Goolug+ Card Warlock Neiss+ Card
The Garden Broken Fortress
Greater Heal+ Rightarrow Lord Weird+ Card
The Red Bucktooth
Healing Chain+ Rightarrow Mutalibus+ Card
Howling Cave
Healing Prayers+ Rightarrow Ghulock+ Card The Prophet+ Card Witch Doctor+ Card
Ghost Tracks Cathedral & Skill Tutor Sandstone
Holy Light+ Rightarrow Female Giant+ Card Goblin Tinker+ Card Ogre Foreman+ Card
Ghost Tracks Cave of the Vicious The Depths
Ice Cone+ Rightarrow Rotten Elemental+ Card
Cave of the Vicious
Judgement+ Rightarrow The Stomper+ Card Ice Giant+ Card Commander+ Card
Beaten Path Cave of the Vicious The Red Bucktooth
Life Siphon+ Rightarrow Goldlaine+ Card
The Red Bucktooth
Pyroblast+ Rightarrow Fenrisgore+ Card Flame-Eye Skeleton+ Card Geador+ Card
The Red Bucktooth Thornfen Downs Dark Crag
Resurrection+ Rightarrow Cobras+ Card The Immortal+ Card Ruganosh+ Card
Howling Cave Howling Cave Ghost Tracks
Smash+ Rightarrow Giant Turtle+ Card The Deadspeaker+ Card Thorim Spikehoof+ Card Gluttonous+ Card
Howling Cave The Garden Beaten Path Skill Tutor & Thornfen Downs
Whirlwind+ Rightarrow Cyclone+ Card Mr. Punch+ Card Pythean+ Card Troll Warchief+ Card
Throne Room The Depths Howling Cave Sandstone & Skill Tutor

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