Hero's Trial
"Terror is coming, face the future with your talented heroes."

Hero's Trial is only available on Sunday's and is a dungeon to test your teams strength! At the cost of 25 AP, you face off against powerful Protagonists and have 30 rounds to survive. For each enemy you defeat you obtain 1 Universal Piece and if you can survive all 30 rounds, you gain 1,000,000 Gold!. For 25 AP you have the chance to gain 1,000,000 Gold, 4 Universal Pieces and an Epic T1 Equipment drop - a great bargain.

Warlock+3 (EP) Card Shaman+3 (EP) Card Blood Elf Mage+3 (EP) Card

Beauty+3 (EP) CardComrade+3 (EP) Card

Suggested Formation
Cannon Lady+3 (EP) Figure Shaman+3 (EP) Figure Druid+3 (EP) Figure

Qriest+3 (EP) Figure Warlock+3 (EP) Figure Universalpiece

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