Guild Auction is an interface within the guild that can be accessed by pressing the "Dungeon" tab in the Guild feature and then pressing the green "Auction" button at the top right hand corner of the screen. In the Auction interface a player is able to "Bid" with DKP for equipment that has been dropped from defeated bosses within the dungeon that the player has attacked.

If that player has not attacked in a particular Guild Dungeon, then they cannot bid for the equipment that drops from that Dungeon.

How it works ?

The Auction interface suffers from a bad english translation. Whatever the amount of DKP you'll bid, the game will always indicate "you won!", which may indicate that you got the highest bid. In fact, it should be understood as "your bid as been registered". The auction system works as below :

  1. An item is dropped from a dungeon and appears for 24h hours in the auction interface
  2. Every player that participated to the dungeon can place a bid
  3. Your bid is registered and you can't view other's bids
  4. At the end of the time, the player that had the highest bid wins the item.

In the History tab, your are able to view the history of Auctions that have been completed during a one week period to view previous won Auctions. This gives the player an idea on how much DKP to bid for a particular peice of Equipment

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