Feral Druid Helper

Feral Druid Helper Card
Can Evolve
HP: 00 Max Level: 75
ATK: 00 Leadership: 26
Rarity: Epic
Class: Knight
Normal Skill: Heal
Initiative Skill: Light Asylum
Passive Skill: Intermediate Asylum Talent
Looks a little stupid but its actually quite intelligent, you have been warned!


Evolution Line
Feral Druid Helper
Feral Druid Helper+
Feral Druid Helper+1
Feral Druid Helper+2
Feral Druid Helper+3

Obtained by purchasing Monthly Rune Pass. Cannot change Leader Skill - Permanently set to Master Sanctuary - Large increase in ATK & Small HP to all.

Initiative Skill Food
Jaokh Card Saranisa Card

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