The Epic Jewelry Set is used to evolve a 5 star normal to an elite card.

Silvermoon Necklace

Cathedral Elite Iranicus Elite
Dark Entrance Elite Vem'tharak Elite
Psychic Elite Illusia Elite
Dead Cavern Elite Death Observer Elite
The Energy Fortress Elite The Energy Fortress Center Elite
Energizar Elite Warpwood Elite

Blue Pendant

Dark Crag Elite General Surlysmith Elite
Seturmoen Elite Remildare Elite
Psychic Elite Ghalim Elite
Dusk Town Elite Inspector Gugemar Elite
Broken Fortress Elite Chiefs Revenge Elite

White Wolf Badge

Dark Crag Elite Ambassador Elite
Seturmoen Elite The Mayor Elite
Dark Dungeons Elite Warchief Rehk Elite
Mausoleum Elite Cor Elite
Slave Stalls Elite Giants Mira Elite

War Angled Pendant

Dark Crag Elite Princess Rustbeard Elite
Seturmoen Elite Terror Lord Elite
Dark Dungeons Elite General Elite
Lava Lake Elite Continuum Lord Elite
Wizards Balcony Elite Ritual Summon Elite

Rune Collar

Dark Crag Elite Emporer Thoraim Elite
Psychic Elite Chaz Rhimewhisper Elite
Phoenix Valley Elite Grandmaster Workid Elite
The Dark Hold Elite The Continuum Terminator Elite
Wizards Balcony Elite Shady Minions Elite

See Also: Protectors Set, Conquerors Set, Rare Weapons, Uncommon Tomes, or Epic Jewelry

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