Elder Sister+ (EP)

Elder Sister+ (EP) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 00 Max Level: 75
ATK: 00 Leadership: 24
Rarity: Epic
Class: Knight
Normal Skill: Heal
Initiative Skill: Crusader Strike+
Passive Skill: Artisan Retribution Talent
League Titans Epic
Spice Girls Epic
Eye Candy Epic
Peerless Master Epic
Lady's elder sister, expert in mystery, once faked her own suicide, likes to stay far away from the team.

  • Evolution
  • Where have you seen Elder Sister+ (EP)?

Evolution Line
Elder Sister (EP)
Elder Sister+ (EP)
Elder Sister+1 (EP)
Elder Sister+2 (EP)
Elder Sister+3 (EP)

Elder Sister+ (EP) can only be obtained by purchasing 20,000 Runes and through Evolution

Evolution Requirements
Elder Sister (EP) Card Plus Epic1 Epic2 Epic3 Epic4 Epic5

Initiative Skill Food
The Archbishop+ Card

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