Druid (EP)


Druid (EP) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 22,248 Max Level: 75
ATK: 4,596 Leadership: 18
Rarity: Epic
Class: Druid
Normal Skill: Heal
Initiative Skill: Resurrection
Passive Skill: Advanced Recovery
Thick Hide Epic
Super Friends Epic
Survival Guide Epic
Raven Squad Epic
A little taurus druid, an unscrupulous business woman who always struggles to earn money, the thinker of the small team.


Evolution Line
Druid (C)
Druid (UC)
Druid (R)
Druid+ (R)
Druid+1 (R)
Druid+2 (R)
Druid+3 (R)
Druid (EP)
Druid+ (EP)
Druid+1 (EP)
Druid+2 (EP)
Druid+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Druid+3 (R) Card Plus Iranicus+ Card or Raven God+ Card and 800,000 Gold

Initiative Skill Food
Cobras Card The Immortal Card Ruganosh Card

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