World Bosses
World Bosses are dungeons that are available to the entire community on each server. Each player can attack the available BOSS dungeon depending on the day they are open. World Bosses are a great way to obtain additional Justice Badges and Equipment as well. Below are the event details.
  • If the total damage done is more than 1,000,000 then all players receive a Justice Badge
  • During the event, the BOSS will self resurrect after 15 minutes of being slain. The BOSS can do this up to 7 times.
  • Each player can only fight the BOSS once per day.
  • Inspiration gives 100% attack bonus, however can only be used once at the cost of 100,000 Gold
  • The BOSS will adjust its HP volume to match the length of the battle.
  • Each attack may have a maximum of 30 "Continues"
  • If the BOSS is not dead, the top 10 ranked players can not get equipment damage rewards.

  • 1st to 3rd place receives LVL 75 Epic Equipment and 4x Justice Badges
  • 4th to 10th place receives LVL 60 Rare Equipment and 4x Justice Badges
  • First 11 Players to 10% receive 3x Justice Badges
  • 10% - 30% receive 2x Justice Badges
  • 30% - 50% receive 1x Justice Badge
Click on the specific Dungeon for more details and formations

Red Dragon Elias

Blue Dragon Magus

Black Dragon Ator

Thrak the Devourer

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