Synthesize is when Card Pieces are collected and combined to make a complete card.  Card Pieces are pieces of cards you collect in the game.  At the main menu, the user is able to access the feature within the game. Card Pieces obtained specifically for a card will display that card and the number of pieces owned/needed to be able to synthesize. There are two types of card pieces, either pieces of specific card or universal pieces, card pieces can be synthesized into a whole card. You will need at least 30% of the specific Card Pieces to be able to use Universal Pieces as a substitute. Normally, there is a cost to complete synthesis whether it be Gold or Runes.

The user has the option to adjust the amount of Universal Pieces used for synthesizing ranging from 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, and 70%. To adjust this percentage, check the box "Use Universal Pcs." and use the arrows to select the desired percentage increase or decrease. You will see the amount that can be used increase or decrease as you adjust.
Synthesize upcs
Other features within Synthesize are Decompose and Split.
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