When clicking the shop tab from home screen you will see 4 tabs.
  • Summon - This is Rune Summon of one card or 10 cards. Explained on the Rune Summoning page.
  • Charge - This is where you are able to purchase Runes for your hard earned money.
  • Shop - This tab brings you to additional tabs to where you can purchase various features.
Here are the additional features you can purchase under the "Shop" tab.
  • FP Summon - lets you use your friendship points. Explained on the FP Summoning page.
  • Buy Energy - This allows you to refill your AP bar for 40 runes. You can do this 15 times each day.
  • Storage - This allows you to increase your storage of cards by 5 for 50 Runes. Storage maximum is 300 cards.
  • PVP Limit - This allows you to gain 1 extra chance in arena daily for 20 Runes. You can purchase 10 PVP chances daily.
  • Buy Slots - This allows you to purchase 5 Slots in your Heroic Card space for 50 Runes. Maximum is 120.
  • Friend Limit - This allows you to purchase additional Friend spaces. 5 for 50 Runes. Maximum 105 Slots.

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