Protagonists are the main characters of I AM MT and Epic Heroes. These cards are considered very strong and high demand. It's suggested to obtain Protagonists to reach "End-Game". They provide some of the best Synergy Combinations in the game.

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MT+3 (EP) CardRogue+3 (EP) CardShaman+3 (EP) CardHunter+3 (EP) CardWarlock+3 (EP) CardQriest+3 (EP) CardBeauty+3 (EP) CardMage+3 (EP) CardDruid+3 (EP) CardBrick+3 (EP) CardFemale Druid+3 (EP) CardThief+3 (EP) CardBarrel Bull+3 (EP) CardMiss+3 (EP) CardBlood Elf Mage+3 (EP) CardLady+3 (EP) CardThe President+3 (EP) CardThe Bald Man+3 (EP) CardTyran+3 (EP) CardKevin+3 (EP) CardNeil+3 (EP) CardIsaac+3 (EP) CardGavin+3 (EP) CardHoward+3 (EP) CardThomas+3 (EP) CardFire Captain+3 (EP) CardFire Member A+3 (EP) CardFire Member B+3 (EP) CardFire Member C+3 (EP) CardFire Member D+3 (EP) CardCannon Lady+3 (EP) CardElder Sister+3 (EP) CardFeral Druid Helper+3 CardComrade+3 (EP) Card

Check out the Evolution Chart to see what Epic Cards are needed to evolve them!

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