Heroicdungeons Dungeons become available once you reach level 40. They are exceptionally more difficult than Normal and Elite Dungeons but provide more EXP. Similar to Elite Dungeons, you are only able to run these 2x a day. Non-5 Star BOSS dungeons cost 15 AP and 5 Star BOSS Dungeons cost 18 AP.

In Heroic Dungeons you are able to collect Equipment ranging in different rarities depending on the rarity of the BOSS. If you battle a 4-Star or 5-Star BOSS, you are more than likely to recieve a Card Piece for that BOSS rather than Equipment. 3-Star BOSSES only drop Equipment. Just like any other dungeon, you are able to receive (at random chance) Armor Sets or Cards as well. Similar to Elite Dungeons, you are able to randomly encounter another player for a PVP match to increase or decrease EXP and Gold gained depending on a loss or win. You earn 3 Reputation for winning and 1 for losing.

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Howling Cave Seturmoen
The Depths Psychic
The Red Bucktooth Dark Dungeons
The Garden Phoenix Valley
Throne Room Dead Cavern
Thornfen Downs Dusk Town
Ghost Tracks Mausoleum
Sandstone Lava Lake
Cave of the Vicious The Dark Hold
Beaten Path The Energy Fortress
Cathedral Broken Fortress
Dark Crag Slave Stalls
Dark Entrance Wizards Balcony

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