Heroes are cards that can be used to form a team. There are many different types of heroes that you would normally see in a RPG style game. Heroes can be collected by entering a dungeon and defeating the opponent with the chance of that card you defeated dropping out of a treasure chest.
Other ways to obtain new heroes are Rune Summoning, FP Summoning, creating or synthesizing one. Each hero has a specific class, skill, synergy, and rarity.
On your main screen you will see the Heroes button. By clicking that, you will be able to view whats in your current card slots, storage and heroes that can sell for Gold.
There are few options within each tab:
Under "Heroic" you are able to sort your heroes by rarity or time collected - in other words, it sorts the heroes in order of time obtained starting with the newest. Also, at the bottom of the screen you are able to view the slot limit.
Under "Storage" you have the same sorting options as "Heroic" but you can also deposit or remove heroes between your card slots and storage. This allows users to organize and keep useful heroes for the future.
Under Sell you can individually select heroes to sell for Gold, sort just like any other tab, or you can use the "Filter" option at the top right hand side of the screen to automatically select any Common or Uncommon heroes that can't evolve. This will not automatically select valuable heroes. Once selected, you will be able to view the amount gained at the bottom of the screen and you will be prompted again before finalizing the sale.
In addition, you are able to purchase Slots and Storage space from the Shop at 5 spaces for 50 Runes
Note: The max Box Space is 120 and the max Storage Space is 300.
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