By clicking the Friends Tab you will see your list of friends you currently have and the ADD tab showing people requesting to be your friend.

You can also change your personal signature by clicking the Change button on this screen.

By clicking on a friend you currently have the game will bring up a screen which includes the Following:

Gift AP, Accept Ap, Send Message, Unfriend, and duel.

  • Gift AP - You are allowed to gift 8 friends AP daily.
  • Accept AP - You are allowed to accept 6 AP gifts daily. Each gift is 6ap
  • Send Message - You are able to send a message to a friend.
  • Unfriend - No longer want them in your friends list? Click this.
  • Duel - This allows you to fight this friend in a duel. It's pretty much a PVP battle but, you don't defend. Just a badge of honor.

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