ElitedungeonDungeons become available after reaching level 30 and are more difficult to complete than Normal Dungeons. They cost 11 AP for Non-Epic(5★ BOSS) dungeons and 12 AP for Epic(5★ BOSS). You are only able to run these dungeons 2x daily. They also offer a chance to drop Cards (Including Antagonists), Epic Jewelry, Rare Weapons, Protectors Set or Conquerors Set. Also, after completing a dungeon, there is a chance of a random PVP encounter to gain an extra EXP and Gold bonus and 3 Reputation for winning or Reduction of EXP and 1 Reputation for losing.

  • Non-Epic Dungeons cost 11 AP
  • Epic Dungeons cost 12 AP

Elite dungeons offer a nifty option to Auto run selected dungeons once you reach lvl 60. When you enter the dungeon area you will see a Hollow circle next to a specified dungeon. You can then click that circle which then fills Filled circle. At the top right hand corner, select Back and you will be at the main dungeon menu. There will be a green Auto button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. By selecting that, you will now run the selected dungeons without having to press anything.

You will have the option of "Auto-Refill AP" and "Auto-Sell Heroes". If they are marked as checked then the game will purchase Runes when your AP runs out and will also sell Heroes that are Uncommon Rarity and below that CAN'T Evolve. So you will not have to worry about the game selling that Epic card.

3.4 Update!

There is now an "Auto All-Out" within the Auto bot interface. This option allows the player to automatically spend 10 Runes during a random PVP encounter after dungeon completion. All-Out provides an extra boost to your stats allowing an easier victory over your opponent.


Elite Dungeons also offer a guarantee "Drop" of an Antagonist Once every 200 12 AP (5 Star BOSS) Completed Dungeons. This gives the player the option to choose which Antagonist they want to be able to Evolve their Protagonist. You will be prompted before you enter your 200th 12 AP Dungeon.


Click on the specific dungeon for more information.

Howling Cave Serturmoen
The Depths Psychic
The Red Bucktooth Dark Dungeons
The Garden Phoenix Valley
Throne Room Dead Cavern
Thornfen Downs Dusk Town
Ghost Tracks Mausoleum
Sandstone Lava Lake
Cave of the Vicious The Dark Hold
Beaten Path The Energy Fortress
Cathedral Broken Fortress
Dark Crag Slave Stalls
Dark Entrance Wizards Balcony


Blood Abyss

See Also: Normal Dungeons, Elite Dungeons, or Heroic Dungeons

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