Cannon Lady+3 (EP)

Cannon Lady+3 (EP) Card
Can't Evolve
HP: 34,054 Max Level: 75
ATK: 14,966 Leadership: 34
Rarity: Epic
Class: Shaman
Normal Skill: Chain Lightning
Initiative Skill: Advanced Revive
Passive Skill: Advanced Fraud
Win-Win Co-operation Epic
Master & Apprentice Epic
Chairman's Strategy Epic
Evil Storm Epic
Peerless Master Epic
A strong female taurus, Shaman's master, has a very strong character and is a PVP fanatic.


Evolution Line
Cannon Lady (EP)
Cannon Lady+ (EP)
Cannon Lady+1 (EP)
Cannon Lady+2 (EP)
Cannon Lady+3 (EP)

Can only be obtained through obtaining 1,500 Universal Pieces, redeeming in Rewards and Evolution

Initiative Skill Food
Machine Lord+ Card

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