Brick+3 (EP)


Brick+3 (EP) Card
Can't Evolve
HP: 18,197 Max Level: 90
ATK: 14,658 Leadership: 28
Rarity: Epic
Class: Mage
Normal Skill: Icebolt
Initiative Skill: Blizzard+
Passive Skill: Artisan Frost Talent
Surging Elements Epic
Feast of Mages Epic
Conductor Epic
Son and Daughter Epic
Lady's servant and advisor, does household work and prepares water and bread.

  • Evolution
  • Where have you seen Brick+3 (EP)?

Evolution Line
Brick (C)
Brick (UC)
Brick (R)
Brick+ (R)
Brick+1 (R)
Brick+2 (R)
Brick+3 (R)
Brick (EP)
Brick+ (EP)
Brick+1 (EP)
Brick+2 (EP)
Brick+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Brick+2 (EP) Card Plus Brick+ (EP) Card and 2,000,000 Gold

Initiative Skill Food
Blood Mage+ Card Liquimancer+ Card

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