Beauty (EP)


Beauty (EP) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 11,031 Max Level: 75
ATK: 8,043 Leadership: 18
Rarity: Epic
Class: Hunter
Normal Skill: Shoot
Initiative Skill: Aiming Shot
Passive Skill: Artisan Marksmanship Talent
Sisters Epic
Lovestruck Hunters Epic
Endless Gossip Epic
Back to Where? Epic
Broken Squad Epic
Speaks straightforward, often hurts other peoples confidence, because she's brutally honest


Evolution Line
Beauty (C)
Beauty (UC)
Beauty (R)
Beauty+ (R)
Beauty+1 (R)
Beauty+2 (R)
Beauty+3 (R)
Beauty (EP)
Beauty+ (EP)
Beauty+1 (EP)
Beauty+2 (EP)
Beauty+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Beauty+3 (R) Card Plus Inspector Gugemar+ Card and 800,000 Gold

Initiative Skill Food
The Houndmaster Card

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